Solving Complex Business Problems

Legacy technology slowing your business? Don’t have the time and resources to implement technologies to solve your immediate challenges?  You’re experiencing growth but the technology isn’t keeping up with demand?  You’ve looked at several options on the market, but they all have specific solutions that don’t take care of the overall problems?  You have a process, but there are bottlenecks that hinder your growth?  You haven’t had the chance to secure your infrastructure?  We hear this all the time.  For over 20 years, we’ve created custom business software and cloud solutions to fix those problems.  From complex to simple, our engineers have:

  • Reduced Overhead by Automating Systems
  • Increased Growth by Building Systems to Increase Throughput
  • Increase Cashflow by Reducing Costs of Operations
  • Increases Customer Acquisition with Scalable Solutions
  • Increase Business Value by Implementing Long-Term Systems

And much more.

$2.7 Trillion in U.S. wages are spent on employee activities that can be automated.

Grata Triple Aim Framework

How Do We Do It

We focus on the technology that runs your business.  Whether you have an existing platform, or the vision of creating one, we work with your leadership and internal team to deliver the kind of technology solutions that meet your business goals.  We don’t talk over your head, we layout the solutions in a manner that everyone in your organization can understand.  And, most important, we save you time and money.

Problems With Alternatives

There are alternatives to using a company like ours.  You can:

  • Hire more IT Staff
  • Buy more software to fill in gaps
  • Kick the can down the road and fix problems later

But, do you really want to use more internal resources that take you away from moving forward?  Or, pay the enormous costs of hiring and on-boarding new team members?  Let’s face it, we all know that the problems don’t get solved or you’ll spend more time and resources just getting people up to speed that it snowballs into a larger, more complex problem later.  The worst thing is you end up doing nothing, which hurts growth, profitability and business value.

Stop buying software and other solutions

It's All About Your Business

Business Technology Systems

Business Technology Systems

Creating efficiencies and value in your business are our top priorities.  We update, integrate and/or build systems that deliver the efficient workflows your business needs.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)
  • Human Resources Management
  • Inventory and Logistics Tracking
  • Many Other Enterprise Solutions

Custom Business Software Solutions

There are many pre-packaged software solutions that work for specific problems.  But, when they don’t deliver the exact needs of your business, we build custom business software solutions that fit the bill.  Our team has built custom business software solutions to automate processes in:

  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Health Care
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Information
Cloud Technology Solutions

Business Cloud Solutions

Having your business systems, data and applications served through cloud technologies provides a level of security and scalability that are unmatched by other means.  Our custom business software solutions use Cloud services we leverage from partners such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure include:

  • Windows and Linux Servers
  • SQL and No-SQL Databases
  • Short-term data storage
  • Long-term data archival storage
  • Content Delivery Network for rapid asset delivery
  • Many other cloud services.

Some of The Companies That Trust Our Engineers


Frankly, We Give It To You Straight

Business technology isn’t just what we do it’s what we are meant to do. Our passionate team of high-level technology and engineering folks with knowledge and experience in big business is waiting to hear from you.  We love to immerse ourselves in your organization to pin point the areas that we can help improve by:

  • Optimizing your business processes
  • Reducing your operational costs
  • Increasing your revenue

And, bottom line is building your company’s overall value.  Take a moment and fill out and submit the form below so we can sit down with you in regards to your business.

What’s the risk?

Worst case scenario, we sit down and talk shop for an hour and you get some free advice.  We haven’t wasted anyone’s time like that since we’ve been around.  Most likely you’ll see the value we bring to the table and want us to be a partner in your success.  Call us or email our Consultants Now!

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