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For over a decade, we’ve been working with small to medium businesses, helping them scale their technology and meet their business needs.

Where it all started

After years of setbacks with failed startups and countless attempts at developing tech products, Rey Ortega’s resilience was tested time and again. Despite his evident skills, the constant advice he received was that without a college degree, his chances were slim. Heeding this advice, Rey pursued and earned a business management degree from the University of Central Florida. His determination paid off when he landed a dream job at a healthcare startup. However, the joy was short-lived as his family faced a series of health scares, throwing them into financial uncertainty. This personal crisis brought a profound realization: owning a business was not just about financial independence, but also about creating stability for families. Motivated by this insight, Rey founded Grata, aiming to empower small businesses to build a secure future for their families, harnessing his hardships and tech expertise as the driving force behind his mission.

Since then…

Grata has propelled dozens of businesses toward remarkable success, generating approximately $100 million in revenue. This financial boost has enabled Rey’s clients to support their families, expand their operations, and lay foundations for generational wealth. Furthermore, Grata has played a pivotal role in five successful exits and has been instrumental in guiding companies through mergers and acquisitions. Focusing on the technological integrations and challenges these mergers entail, Rey and his team have proven indispensable in navigating the complex landscapes of business growth and sustainability.

The Future of Business Tech

Looking to the future, Grata is poised at the forefront of technology, harnessing emerging technologies that are reshaping the business landscape. Innovations such as artificial intelligence, blockchain for secure transactions, the Internet of Things (IoT) for enhanced operational efficiency, and advanced data analytics for deeper market insights are integral to their strategy. With these technologies, Grata aims to revolutionize the way small businesses operate, offering them unprecedented opportunities for growth and efficiency.

Rey and his team at Grata are dedicated to expanding their portfolio of emerging small businesses, driven by the vision to create wealth and freedom for entrepreneurs. They are committed to providing tailored solutions that leverage the latest technological advancements, ensuring that their clients not only survive but thrive in the competitive market. With Grata’s assistance, small business founders can look forward to achieving their goals and securing a prosperous future.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Tran Software Developer
Haley Data Scientist
Jose UX/UI Developer
Katie Data Scientist AI
Sebastian Software Engineer
Alvin Data Analyst
Brian Project Manager
Kim AI Data Scientist
Joseph Software Engineer
Kartik Web Developer
Brandon Customer Success Manager
Jennifer AI Data Scientist

Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

Unilever: An Amazon Web Services Case Study, Repost
Satellite Augmentation LLC
360Hoops experience

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, such as DocuBee, Apple, RipplePoint, and many other companies.

We maintain long term relationships with most of our customers. Several of them have been with us over 5 years.

At our core, we are built on a steadfast dedication to our clients’ success.

We take ownership of our work and stand by our clients, ensuring that their goals are achieved.

The team delivered a solution beyond our expectations. It’s had a
significant impact on our

Brian Hamaoui

CEO, MyGuestBook

They took away the stress and complexity of software development. Our operations have never been smoother.

Jared Schneider

CEO, Caretime Health

They truly understood our needs. The software they developed has become indispensable to our business.

Dustin Reinek

President, RipplePoint

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Grata Software
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Thomas SantarlasThomas Santarlas
09:11 01 Sep 23
Grata Software is at the cutting-edge of software technology. Their engineers are forward thinkers always providing new technological innovations to streamline efficiency.Their customer service is unparralled in the industry. They are quick to respond to customer needs and pleasant to deal with over the phone. I can trust Rey and his team with any software concerns related to my business application.
William PiacentiWilliam Piacenti
13:18 25 Aug 23
Great team with dedication to match! Keep it up!
Brian HamaouiBrian Hamaoui
15:11 24 Aug 23
I have worked with Rey and his team on several occasions and they have gone above and beyond in each of the projects I’ve put in front of them. If and when I have future projects I will be using Grata with out a doubt.
Dimitri C.Dimitri C.
22:08 23 Aug 23
Grata Software has been an integral partner of ours, having consulted us in architecture, strategy, and application development since we first worked with them in 2020.Rey and his team’s decades of experience in enterprise software development have helped us design and implement sustainable products while saving us from making costly mistakes by advising us on infrastructure and scalable architecture. Also, the Grata team is great at managing the software development lifecycle and is very flexible - not bound to any specific technology or framework - only the one that’s best for the purpose.
Chad RileyChad Riley
00:33 23 Aug 23
Rey and his team are a class act and very easy to work with!
andres abeledoandres abeledo
21:48 22 Aug 23
Over the past year, Grata software has been an intrical part of our success. They're dedication to customer service, and attention to detail has had a profound impact on how our organization has minimized our manual process. This group of talented software engineers is truly rewriting the words known as "problem solving"! WE MADE THE RIGHT DECISION, WHEN SELECTING THEM!
Jared SchneiderJared Schneider
20:20 22 Aug 23
Grata did an amazing job for us. We had a long term engagement with them while we scaled our software business. Rey and the team are very knowledgeable, and I trusted them without hesitation.