451 Research: AWS Managed Services

AWS Managed Services - Infrastructure Operations Management for AWS

AWS Managed Services is a set of services and tools that automate infrastructure management tasks for Amazon Web Services Deployments. According to the report, “AWS Managed Services: removing the burden of infrastructure ops,” developed by 451 Research, AMS has been able to demonstrate how it can accelerate migration and enable customers to focus on innovation. AMS states that they can accelerate migration, lower operational costs, reduce security and compliance risk, enable customers to focus on innovation and use best practices.

AMS noticed that the key cloud adoption challenges with customers come before and after the migration, not the migration itself.

Before the migration happens, customers need to include:

  • Landing zone configurations
  • AWS service configurations
  • Hybrid networking setup
  • Access security configurations
  • Policy and control mapping

Post-migration operation includes:

  • Leveling up people skills
  • Following best practices
  • Keeping pace with innovation
  • Managing desired cost
  • Maintaining security/compliance

This is were AWS Managed Services comes into play! AWS states that they can “specifically help enterprises run in-house as a result if necessary, or in cloud or as part of a long-term outsourcing contract. This gives time to regroup and develop around the new infrastructure and tooling – and without having to replace workforce to do this.”

Overall, AMS is devoted to providing ongoing operational services around AWS. AMS can help enterprises become more agile, innovative and modern as a result of a businesses’ conversion to the cloud. For the full detailed report from 451 Research, check it out here

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