AWS: The Leading IaaS Global Service Provider

AWS: The Leading IaaS Global Service Provider

KuppingerCole, an international and independent analyst organization, provided an overview of vendors of their product or service offerings in certain market segments. According to the analysis, AWS is considered the number one Iaas provider and leader in product, market and innovation leadership.

Product Leadership: AWS continues to innovate cloud services and invest in the evolution of cloud technology. Evidently, their continued advancements towards innovation has led to the creation of numerous development tools involving machine learning, IoT, web and mobile platforms and various storage options.

Market Leadership: AWS has wide global reach by continuing to increase in deployment size and available services, customers and geographic distribution, as well as maintaining positive financial health.

Marketplace Innovation: AWS focuses on real business benefits when identifying and delivering innovation. In 2017, AWS released 1,300 new services and features.

Previously, KuppingerCole analysts provided additional strengths from AWS:

  • Strong IaaS platform
  • Rich DevOps capabilities
  • Innovation speed
  • Global footprint for availability and compliance
  • Hybrid / Private deployment support
  • Independent certifications for compliance
  • Strong Security

Additionally, analysts stated that AWS has a Strong Positive rating in security, functionality, integration, interoperability, and usability.

Overall, AWS is the leading IaaS Global service provider and may continue to lead for years to come.

For the full analysis by KuppingerCole, check out the report here


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