Digital Transformation Trends 2019

Digital Transformation Digital Transformation Trends

Digital Transformation changes are driven by a business’ need to be more productive, improve operations to achieve their goals rapidly and with better results. Digital Transformation is the way a business improves its technological approach into how it delivers results for clients. Many businesses have admitted to needing to improve and make these changes. However, businesses struggle to properly transform. Businesses with less than 100 employees is 2.7 times more likely to implement a successful transformation vs those with 5,000+. As tools and apps continue to be released to improve our personal lives, let’s look at some trends in Digital Transformation that will improve our work life. 


We’ve all experienced chatbots and have communicated to them before. In 2016, ‘17 & ‘18 the skill of these chatbots had left users wanting more, but in 2019 chatbots are almost perfect! Due to Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, most of the kinks and issues within chatbots have been removed. This then allows for businesses to better communicate with their clients & future consumers. From retail to qualify candidates for jobs a chatbot’s functionality to communicate and the reach is immeasurable.

Chatbots fall into the first Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning trend of 2019. As these bots continuously improve their ability to respond to consumers, it allows businesses to cut costs of hiring humans.


Although the cloud has been around for years it continually gets better and better. With the ability to connect your systems between AWS, Azure, & Google Cloud with your on-premises severs allow your business to operate in ways you never before thought possible. By using the cloud you are able to access hundreds of services from edge computing, A.I. Big Data & more. As the year continues cloud continues to be a major push for growth.

Currently AWS is valued at half a Trillion, while investing on the infrastructure that most businesses are building upon.


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. That is what most of society thinks of when they think of blockchain. They aren’t wrong but they only have a small fraction of the whole picture. Blockchain allows for a chain of custody that is impossible to overwrite. This means from security, privacy, tracking shipments across the globe to taking a deep dive into data & analytics, blockchain is the base that this is all developed upon. Businesses are already developing with blockchain and incorporating into their operations. However, for the SME & Midsize businesses blockchain is a large feat, unless you have a visionary as a leader.

Augmented Reality (AR)

As the development of Experimental Realities continues, it seems that Augmented reality has moved the top of the Food Chain. While Virtual Reality is great there are many limitations and not useful outside of specialized tasks or Video Gaming purposes. As the ability of AR continues users are loving it because they are able to use mixed reality in their lives. In the workplace, AR is seeing a large uptick in usefulness for on the job training. As well it is transforming the real estate industry, but allowing users to see an AR representation of what their office, home or that exact room will look like when completed.

CEOs Leading the Change

The biggest trend we are seeing in 2019 are CEOs taking the lead regarding the digital transformation of their business.  According to a Forrester Research survey, 46 percent of executives believe that in less than five years, digital will have an impact on more than half their sales. As CEOs begin to acknowledge the fact they need to digitally transform their business operations there are a few main sections to look first into.

  1. Where are your servers and what are your spending to keep them running?
  2. How can we create digital tools, whether Web, Mobile or IoT experiences to improve the day to day internal operations of the business?
  3. How can we create digital experiences to increase our customer satisfaction and increase sales?
  4. Look into your data and how Artificial intelligence tools like AWS’ Deep Learning or Forecast can help transform your business

As we approach the midway point of 2019 digital transformation continues to take the lead in every smart business’ 3-5 year plans. One thing that is known for certain is as time continues more and more innovative tools and products will exist, improving the digital transformation experience and results. Please be aware when approaching digital transformation, be prepared to spend a lot of time planning, and working with the digital team. This will allow you to offset future rewrites of the work and avoid technical debt.

Take the leap and unlock new opportunities for growth, efficiency, and competitive advantage. Contact us today to explore how we can guide you through your digital transformation journey and maximize your success.

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