Dubai Introduces Smart Camera That Uses AI To Measure Happiness

Dubai Introduces Smart Cameras That Use AI To Measure People's Happiness

Dubai, has introduced a highly accurate smart camera with the purpose of measuring customer satisfaction using AI technology. Four Customer Happiness Centers in Dubai have implemented the technology. They implemented this technology to learn how to restore customer happiness levels if they fall below predetermined standards.

On Monday. Maher Shirah, the director of Smart Services at Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority stated that “the initiative aims to measure customers happiness index through the use of a smart camera that can analyze the extent of the customers happiness.”

Shirah added, “the technology analyses the facial expressions of customers, without saving images in respect of their privacy.”

In other words,the technology captures an image, and the system sends reports on customer happiness. The AI monitors customers from the time they enter the Customer Happiness Center, up until the moment they leave and links it with the level of service delivered. For example, if happiness levels fall below predetermined standards, the AI sends SMS and e-mail notifications to team members. Therefore, this information can help expedite the process of restoring happiness.

For a detailed list of how the AI works and operates, check out the original article from Kaleej Times here.

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