Gartner Rates Amazon as a Strong Vendor

Gartner Rates Amazon as a Strong Vendor

As Amazon Web Services Select Consulting Partners, we are glad to share this recent report of Amazon in the News!

Recently, in an analyst report, Gartner states, “Amazon AWS has enabled all aspects of Amazon to grow and leverage scalability as an asset. Also, Amazon’s deep consumer intimacy, allows Amazon to reinvest profits to increase competitive advantage.” At this point, Gartner rates Amazon as a Strong vendor based on 6 categories: Product/Service, Support, Pricing Structure, Technology, Strategy, and Corporate Viability. Obviously, all of which have received strong to positive rankings.

Vendor rating for Amazon

There are dozens of reasons for the score Amazon received. Here is a rundown of the key aspects that makes Amazon a powerful vendor this year:

  1. First, market share leadership in cloud computing, IaaS and Paas serves customers across a broad range of use cases
  2. After that, Customers range from cloud-native startups to midmarket businesses and public sector to enterprise corporations
  3. Amazon’s broad portfolio of consumer devices such as the Echo family, Kindle e-readers, Fire TV sticks, Dash buttons and streaming services
  4. APN Partner networks serve as an important platform to scale its business and customer base
  5. AWS Marketplace allows software partners to offer products compliant with AWS’s cloud architecture
  6. Innovation in AI technology to benefit their customers and satisfy their business and product needs
  7. Additionaly, constant reinvestment in infrastructure, tangible assets, and intellectual property at levels that make it difficult for competitors to match

Overall, Amazon continues to be one of the most disruptive companies in the world. Obviously, we at Grata are proud of Amazon and are happy to call ourselves Amazon Web Services Consulting Partners.

For the full article and details about each of the 6 categories, read Gartner’s Amazon Vendor Rating here.

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