Google Plus Data Breach Impacts 52.3 Million Users

Google Plus Data Breach

Two months ago, Google stated that they discovered a software glitch in their system that posed a possible risk. Consequently, exposing 500,000 users’ information in a data breach from 2015 to 2018. After Google fixed the “bug,” there were no signs of the third-party developers misusing the user data.

At the time, Google executives did not want to disclose the issue because they feared criticism after the Facebook data breach. Additionally, Google announced they would shut down Google Plus in August 2019.

Monday, Google discovered yet another security issue that affected 52.3 million users!

Google found a “bug” in a software update introduced in November that affected the Google Plus API. User names, email addresses, occupations, and ages were visible during the six-day glitch. Again, no evidence showed any signs of misuse by third-party developers with access to profile data. However, this data breach needs to be taken very seriously because it seems there is another breach every day. In this case, the information was not too sensitive, but the data can be severely sensitive in subjects such as Equifax.

After Google fixed the “bug,” they expedited the Google Plus shutdown to April 2019. To read the complete statement from Google, go here. 

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