IDC: Windows Server Market Update

IDC Windows Server Market Update

IDC recently released an infographic detailing the current state of the Windows server market and AWS was the most sought-after public cloud environment last year. Digital transformation continues to disrupt the Worldwide Server Operations System Environment Market:

  • Organizations are pursuing digital transformation and invest in various new technologies as they appear.
  • There is an increase in demand for server operations systems. The cause is firms transferring development and production environments into the public cloud.
  • The compound annual growth rate is increasing by 7.4% from 2017 to 2022 for worldwide server operations system environment market.

The Windows server market has been declining in shares and the server operations system environment installations are expected to decline. However, it still hosts the majority of commercial application software. Therefore, it is still relevant in the industry and must be accounted for in technology consultations.

Additionally, AWS accounted for 57.7% of total Windows instances deployed in the public cloud IaaS market during 2017. Also, shares for AWS were nearly 2 times the nearest cloud provider. As technology advances and legacy applications start migrating to the cloud, AWS will continue dominating the public cloud IaaS market.

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