In The News: 50 Million Facebook Accounts Affected In Massive Security Breach

50 Million Facebook Accounts Affected In Massive Security Breach

Breaking News! Facebook had a massive security breach affecting 50 million users which could allow attackers to take control of user accounts. Guy Rosen, VP of Product Management, just posted a blog on this event a few hours ago.

The attack occurred on Tuesday, September 25 and Facebook stated that “it’s clear that attackers exploited a vulnerability in Facebook’s code that impacted “View As”, a feature that lets people see what their own profile looks like to someone else. This allowed them to steal Facebook access tokens which they could then use to take over people’s accounts.”

Facebook has already fixed the vulnerability and informed law enforcement agencies. As a result of the breach, 90 million users have been logged out of their accounts. 50 million that were affected by the breach and 40 million that have been subject to a “View As” look up in the past year. Once they log back in, there will be a notification explaining what happened. The “View As” feature will not be available until a full investigation has been completed.

Worried about your digital future?

In light of the ongoing investigation surrounding the recent account breaches, it’s crucial to prioritize the security of your digital presence. While investigators work tirelessly to determine the extent of any potential misuse or unauthorized access, it’s essential to take proactive steps to protect yourself and your sensitive information.

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