In The News: How Cloud Implementation Is Bringing Benefits To Developers

How Cloud Adoption Framework Is Bringing Benefits To Developers

Previously, while exploring Cloud Computing News, one of my favorite websites for news and insights in cloud technology, I discovered an article written by Jeff Keyes. It talks about the value of cloud adoption and the aspects that make it easier for developing on the cloud.

The most attractive key benefits for implementing cloud technology for businesses are scalability, speed, elasticity and disaster recovery. Additionally, businesses that use DevOps can lead to several benefits for developers, such as automating processes to building and managing code and increasing delivery speeds.



Serverless has been a major buzz word for companies looking to move to the cloud. That is, because they only need to pay for what they use and can scale up and/or down depending on fluctuating needs. Furthermore, code can be written on laptops or in a browser and the developer experience can be 100% cloud-based.



In the upcoming months and years, expect to see more businesses utilizing the latest in technology. Which includes artificial intelligence, analytics and machine learning. That is, DevOps teams are more than likely using this technology today and taking full advantage of what it offers.



The cloud is already well-known for its benefits towards storing information for data recovery. For that reason, if a developer does not feel confident with their current security. Storing applications on the cloud is way more secure. In the article, Keyes states that “DevSecOps promotes the idea that security should be integrated at every stage of the development process. As well as, existing guidelines include factors for monitoring, encryption, network security, incident response and application security.”


Unlock Your Cloud

In conclusion, the ever-evolving cloud technology landscape holds immense advantages that will shape the future for years to come. It is crucial for businesses to stay ahead and embrace these advancements to fully leverage the benefits they offer. By staying at the forefront of cloud technology, organizations can enhance operational efficiency and tap into their vast potential.

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