Jamvana collaboration with Grata keeps artists rockin’

Grata Software’s work makes an impact on so many levels and in so many industries.

Already this year, we highlighted how Rey Ortega and his team helped a company that created a cool, multi-backboard basketball hoop that received some airtime at the Orlando Magic game.

This month, we’re highlighting some music professionals who Rey’s team helps keep on rocking.

As Robert Leigh helped build his music distribution company Jamvana, he connected with Ortega.

It was an effort to find someone who could build a reliable backend, one that would eventually support artists like Ricky Martin and Jason Aldean on the platform.

When he connected with Ortega, the two hit it off quickly.

“I just love the business model and the professionalism he comes at it with,” he said about Grata. “I like their work.”

Jamvana and YOK

Grata helped Jamvana and its YOK application build a marketing engine for artists navigating the complicated world of TikTok, YouTube, Spotify and so many other music-friendly platforms.

These social media platforms have become the most lucrative and helpful places for young artists to get discovered.

However, not every artist has the tech savvy to navigate and make the best use of these platforms.

So the YOK application has a functionality that helps them distribute music and advertisements on multiple platforms at once.

While the collaboration has produced and maintained valuable tools for the musicians, it’s the one-on-one nature of the relationship that helps it thrive.

Ortega and Leigh don’t leave communication to chance: they have each other’s phone numbers and host weekly Zoom calls, as well.

“We can talk face-to-face,” Leigh said. “We have grown together as a team more than just hiring them as consultants. I like that side of it.”

The relationship between Grata and Jamvana, simply put, could be minimalized easily by saying Grata does Jamvana’s IT work.

But it’s the depth of Ortega’s understanding of Leigh’s business that helps keep the two businesses rolling in step.

“They are a very knowledgeable team and know all about what’s going on with what we built,” he said. “Anything we have brought in, they understand deeply.”

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