Mesosphere 2018 Cloud Native Ecosystem Report

Mesosphere 2018 Cloud Native Ecosystem Report

This year, Mesosphere users were surveyed to gain insight into usage statistics and industry trends. Based on 744 respondents in 2016 and 2018, two key areas that showed significant growth were multi-cloud and Kubernetes.

Technology is the number one industry leveraging Mesosphere. For example, the software (SaaS, Web, Mobile) industry consists of 46% of survey respondents and consulting (IT) industries make up 12%.

Enterprise Want Growth, Efficiency, and Digital Transformation

Internet of things, machine learning, hybrid architecture and the ability to save time are some key standouts in the report:

  • A German Auto Manufacturer is using IoT technology to enable connected cars with integrated data services. Such as, real- time traffic information and sensor data.
  • Telecom is utilizing machine learning to help their 156 million customers connect to the best hotspots or networks, improve customer experience, and unblock network capacities.
  • Athena Health is using hybrid architecture to reduce data queries from minutes to milliseconds. They can deliver new data-driven doctor patient services for 100,000 medical providers.
  • A North American Bank is able to accelerate many use cases and initiatives by reducing the time to provision new data services to minutes with a self-service portal, while reducing required infrastructure footprint by 50%.

Trends In Hybrid Deployment

  • Hybrid deployment has grown 33%, becoming more prevalent than cloud only deployments.
  • Amazon Web Services is the top overall provider by 77%.
  • One in every 4 organizations have more than one cloud provider experiencing 2 times the growth compared to 2016 when one in every 8 had more than one cloud provider.
  • Retail / E-commerce is leaning more towards hybrid cloud by 64%.
  • Advertising, Marketing, and PR follow second with hybrid cloud by 42%.
  • Consulting (IT) follow third with hybrid cloud by 40%.

Finally, Kubernetes is the most popular ecosystem workload. 97% of respondents chose simplifying deployment and 88% chose ease of upgrade, scaling out, and administrative support.

Overall, companies moving toward hybrid and multi-cloud had a significant increase over the last few years and will continue to see growth as we move towards the future. To view a more detailed report, you can download the Mesosphere 2018 Cloud Native Ecosystem Report for free!

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