NASCAR Partners With AWS To Migrate Historical Data To The Cloud

Migrate Historical Data To The Cloud

In a groundbreaking collaboration, NASCAR has recently forged an agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to migrate their extensive historical video content to the cloud. This transformative endeavor will span multiple years. During which, AWS will leverage the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate the indexing and tagging of the digital content. By employing these advanced technologies, NASCAR aims to streamline a task that would typically require thousands of man-hours to complete manually. This landmark partnership exemplifies the immense potential of cloud-based automation in revolutionizing the management of digital assets. Paving the way for enhanced accessibility and efficiency in the world of motorsports.

Furthermore, with over 70 years of NASCAR video content, the imperative to migrate to the cloud with the assistance of AWS has become apparent. The vast content encompassing approximately 500,000 hours, necessitates a seamless transfer process. AWS will leverage the power of Amazon Rekognition to meticulously examine and tag individuals and objects in the videos. Moreover, AWS will employ their cutting-edge transcription technology to accurately transcribe interviews and race broadcasts. As a result, further enhancing the accessibility and searchability of the video collection.

Additionally, a new video series on called This Moment in NASCAR History powered by AWS will air once the process nears completion.

Moreover, the migration process, which has already commenced, is estimated to span approximately 12 to 18 months in total. The comprehensive undertaking involves transferring NASCAR’s vast historical video content to the cloud in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Additionally, by following this link you can access the original article by Forbes, providing detailed insights into how NASCAR and AWS have joined forces to facilitate the seamless migration of historical data to the cloud.

Key Reasons to Migrate Historical Data to the Cloud
  1. Accessibility: Cloud storage allows easy and convenient access to historical data from anywhere and at any time.
  2. Scalability: Cloud platforms offer flexible storage options, enabling organizations to scale their data storage as needed.
  3. Data Security: Cloud service providers implement robust security measures to protect historical data from unauthorized access and ensure durability.
  4. Cost Savings: Cloud storage eliminates the need for on-premises infrastructure, reducing maintenance and storage costs.
  5. Advanced Analytics: Cloud platforms provide tools for data analysis, enabling organizations to gain valuable insights from historical data.


Join the league of innovators who are embracing the transformative capabilities of cloud solutions. Migrate historical data to the cloud and streamline your content management processes, boost efficiency. Discover how AWS’s cutting-edge technologies can revolutionize your organization’s operations.

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