New Year’s Tech Resolutions – What to do in 2022

Tech Resolutions

It’s that time of year once again where we put to paper (well, computer file) the goals we make for ourselves in the hopes that, for once, we achieve them. That’s right: It’s time for our 2022 New Year’s Tech Resolutions.

The year 2021 certainly had its challenges but it’s been good to join this team and start to contribute with the occasional blogs about technology. I do believe 2022 will be full of opportunities to learn about some high-tech concepts and terms.

It’s exciting.

Now, on to the New Year’s Tech resolutions list.

The fact that this list each year is essentially identical to the previous year illustrates quite clearly my success rate.

Still, the exercise does jog loose potential positives that we can use to have a good year.

So, without further exposition, here are my 2022 New Year’s Tech Resolutions.

New Year’s Tech Resolution #1. Be a blockchain information sponge.

One of the big buzzwords of this year will become one of the hottest tech terms of 2022. I’m fortunate that I work alongside several tech entrepreneurs who have become experts in this field. Blockchain, at its most basic, is a security method in which transactions are encoded with unique properties to certify their validity. It is what has made NFTs such a big deal right now. Speaking of which …

Tech Resolution #2. Jump feet first into NFTs.

Non-fungible tokens have really taken the art world by storm and I expect that to be the case for several industries in 2022. As a longtime tech reporter, I’ve often considered it a responsibility to stay educated on the newest developments in the field. However, with NFTs, it’s just as much a responsibility as it is an interest. I’m fascinated by how these virtual products work and I plan to see just how far into NFTs I can get in 2022. For now, here is a good primer from Harvard Business Review I found helpful:

Tech Resolution #3. Participate and create within the Metaverse.

Speaking of buzzwords, Mark Zuckerberg seemingly created a swarm of interest and attention to the Metaverse when he renamed Facebook “Meta” late in the year. While I’ll staunchly contend that this was his way of confusing people who don’t know any better, there is no denying that his company’s dive into the Metaverse raised awareness and understanding from the general public. I already run a newsletter that keeps an eye on the Metaverse for one company. But I look forward to taking that even further in 2022. What can I create in the Metaverse for others to consume? That remains to be seen but I’m going to find out.

Tech Resolution #4. Create a new podcast that simplifies complex tech for non-techies.

It has been interesting to watch the rise, fall and re-rise of podcasts over the years. I can’t remember the first time I listened. The premise that attracted me was the whole two-experts-talking-casually-about-complex-topics that seems to underline the best ones. Even true crime podcasts usually find one expert to walk people through the tough points. With the quick evolution of technology (See #1-3 above) along with my connections in the tech industry, putting together this type of podcast should be simple. Of course, the trick becomes choosing the topics that people actually want to learn about.

Tech Resolution #5. Lose weight.

How did this one sneak in here? Well, I guess when you make the same resolution for seven years running, it’ll start to creep into all of your lists. In fairness, does anyone lose weight anymore without using running apps or calorie counters on their phone? So, technically, I’m counting this as a “tech resolution.” Let’s make this happen in 2022.

New Year’s Tech Resolution #6. Get my voice into a video game.

Before you think this is a ridiculous resolution, understand that my network includes a good number of video game developers in Central Florida. Now, I’m not looking for a main character voice. I’ll settle for a character like Rancher #4, who dies a gruesome death at the hands of the game’s protagonist. I can let out a blood-curling shriek like no other, I swear.

So there you have it. A completely incomplete list of the tech-based goals I have set for myself this year. Share yours with me, too. It’s not a real resolution until you write it down, after all.

Here is to a healthy and happy 2022 for you and yours! Ready to make your tech goals a reality? Contact us today to explore how we can help you succeed in your tech endeavors and make 2022 a year of growth and achievement.

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