In the News: Attainable AI, from science fiction to science fact: The reality of today’s AI

Attainable AI, from science fiction to science fact: The reality of today’s AI - CIO

Fact vs. Fiction: Attainable AI

My team brought another great article to my attention. Andre Moncayo told me this article from was well worth the read and he is right!

Throughout ancient times, great minds thought of building a machine that could do mundane tasks. From Da Vinci trying to create a robot warrior, to Hephaestus trying to create golden robots. For example, in today’s age, Robots flipping Burgers, Autonomous cars, computers identifying inefficiencies in our processes are all examples of ways AI can help us accomplish tasks. Is this the world we live in now? Yes and no.

This great article dives into the past, current state, and future of Artifical Intelligence. What is possible? When will these possibilities exist? What does our future look like? The article gives a brief overview of Automation, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and  Natural Language Processors. As well as, the main types of AI that are under development. The types stated in the article are Reactive Machines, Limited Memory AI, Theory of Mind, and Consciousness. All of these types have different purposes and different tasks that can be completed by them.

If you’re looking for a quick introduction to Artifical Intelligence, I suggest you read the article on here.

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