In the News: Kanban Vs Scrum

In the News: Kanban Vs Scrum

Choosing Kanban or Scrum

This article was shared with me after our Project Manager, Donna, read through it an thought to share it with the team! I am sure glad she did. It’s always great to get a quick refresher and remember as they said “Choose the agile framework that works best for your team and ONLY your team. Don’t do kanban because that’s what Kelly from does. Don’t do scrum because management wants to, “Go agile.” Be ruthless and selfish in this choice. Your team will thank you.”

That is a very true statement as we have multiple clients some in Kanban other in Scrum. The reason for the differences is their individual company goals. Do they need deployments all the time or at the end of a set schedule? Are there consistent changes or is there a hefty backlog with predetermined requirements? A Kanban methodology is better equipped in limiting work in progress, as tasks go all the way across the board until the are finished. While, Scrum methodology is especially useful in cases where incorporating customer feedback into the product is especially important.

Evidently, those are the same questions to ask yourself and this article reminds you of that. I highly recommend the quick read.


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