The power of words: making sense of jargon

Why have I started working with a software development and technological services provider?

That’s simple.

Grata Software’s CEO Rey Ortega specializes in a few things but one thing he said that caught my attention was when he said he could speak technical speak AND English. He bridges the understanding gap between technical jargon and those who don’t speak it fluently.

It’s exactly what I did as a journalist for more than a decade. My job was always to speak to entrepreneurs, take their story and relate it to a general audience. That’s what I hope to do some of on this website moving forward.

I’m a former technology reporter who has been embedded within one startup ecosystem or another for more than a decade. As a journalist, you do get to peek behind the curtains of young businesses and see how things work.

A business raised money? Well, they reach out to me so I can share the news and sometimes give me a “how it happened” story, which was always interesting to me.

Is an entrepreneur about to hire their first employee? Let’s tell the local reporter why and how big we think we are going to get.

Did we just get purchased by a huge company for millions of dollars? The journalist will help us spread the good word.

The point of this is that for roughly 11 years, I was schooled in the ways of small businesses and learned directly from those who were building. It was an education I now carry into what I am doing.

The varying stages of a business’s life have always fascinated me, especially when looked at through the spotlight of an entrepreneur or other figure.

The entrepreneurial experience is the human experience.

So it’s with that in mind that I look forward to sharing stories for Grata Software about the people they work with their software development and those people who make up this company. Grata Software sits in a good position. For years, it has excelled at finding businesses that need help with IT services or specific technical challenges. Their software development work has built backend infrastructure, front-end hardware and essentially served as a “jack of all trades” style business. That has helped them establish a reputation for being able to help companies bridge their early days when they didn’t yet need a chief technology officer, for instance, to when growth creates that need.

There is a whole industry out there of providers who step in to provide small businesses fractional executive services. When startups have their technology built out but need to figure out a way to scale, that’s where companies like Grata become invaluable.

Without major injections of capital, the process can become so much more complicated. So finding a firm that can provide much-needed services, even on a temporary basis, will help a business settle things and create consistency.

It has been great learning more about what Grata does and how they fit within a small business’ grand life cycle.

I also love the sometimes playful, “let’s not take ourselves too seriously” approach to the blog.


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