Is Python A Dying Language?

Is Python A Dying Language?

What’s the Situation With Python?

Python will not die anytime soon because you can use it as the core programming language for your project. As well as it does a fantastic job as a supportive language for your project.  For example, due to the simplicity of writing mathematical algorithms, we use Python as the backbone of a PHP application.

Another thing we use Python for is writing server scripts to perform tasks without having to Bash script everything.  I love Python, even though I’ll admit it’s not my first choice of language for specific projects. I only use it sparingly for microservices and server scripts.

There is a reason that most of the new technology in the AI sphere is written in Python. That reason is how easy the scripting is in Python. In terms of popularity, it has steadily increased in recent years. With no end in sight, Python should be classified as something other than a dying computer programming language. Assembly, the other language mentioned in the question, has significantly declined more in recent years than Python.

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