Quarantine Cyber Attackers With Artificial Intelligence

Quarantine Cyber Attackers With Artificial Intelligence

MU researchers have developed an artificial intelligence that can quarantine cyber attackers. The cyber attacks have false hope that they are making progress. This is because the technology acts as if all is good when it is sending distress messages. The system, called ‘defense by pretense,’ can isolate an attacker for a prolonged period. After that, operators have enough time to build a stronger defense for their systems.

The quarantine is a decoy that acts as if the hacker is truly compromising their target. Meanwhile, a defensive strategy can be formulated to stop theses cyber attacks. As well as, any future attacks that may occur. The perpetrator of the cyber attacks will eventually find out that their attacks did not work. However, temporarily trapping them can buy a security team precious time to make sure everything is secure. Defending against cyber attacks is a never ending task because they are constantly going to be trying to attack. There are so many different forms of cyber attackers may try. From phising to denial of service attacks to malware attacks, with all of these forms constant vigilance is key.

For the full article from Science Daily, written by Faculty at University of Missouri, go here

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