Squirrel AI: Adaptive Learning with AI and Big Data

Squirrel AI: Adaptive Learning with AI and Big Data

Squirrel AI is a system that aims to provide adaptive learning for students in all of China. It will utilize artificial intelligence and big data analysis techniques to operate. Squirrel AI Learning makes sure that traditional teaching methods are outdated, ineffective and must improve, with adaptive learning

The purpose of a tutor is to construct a personalized learning plan, asses a student’s point of learning, then focus on strengthening their weaknesses. Squirrel AI does what a tutor can do but cheaper and in a shorter amount of time. Students can learn at their own pace and customize their own learning path, which will improve students’ learning efficiency. Additionally, the personalized AI instruction can also strengthen their understanding in key subjects.

This means that, families no longer need to pay for expensive tutoring and highly experienced teachers to teach their kids better. In other words, the system can replicate a tutor anywhere, anytime and at a lower cost. Squirrel AI Learning is utilized across over 300 cities in China with 200 learning centers. With this innovation being deployed only in China, so far, you have to wonder what is in store for the United States.

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