Top 3: Mobile Testing Software(s) on the Computer

Top 3: Mobile App Development Testing Software(s) on the Computer

Top Testing Software For Mobile App Development

Though it may sound unnecessary, testing is essential for your app’s success. Testing early on in mobile app development can lead developers to find significant issues. These issues potentially lead to the downfall of a product. In this post, I have provided 3 of the best software to ensure the success of your application and its launch date.

Xcode and Android Studio

If you are developing a native app, Xcode and Android Studio provide the best simulators to run your application temporarily. You can interact with the simulator as if it is an actual mobile phone. This type of testing is important for many reasons: you want to see if constraints are set up correctly to fit the canvas of multiple devices with different resolutions, if buttons connect to the proper ViewController, and, most importantly, if the application performs efficiently in terms of CPU and Memory.


Kobiton is the best-automated tool for testing. It helps reduce the time needed for testing and the chances of human errors during tests. While conducting manual testing, this software controls real mobile devices. Kobiton has missing pieces that Xcode and Android Studio simulators don’t have. These missing pieces include the camera, speak control, and device connection management.

Another benefit of Kobiton is that it tests using the cloud. This means your storage won’t get used up by data and raw files that come from installing simulators. Furthermore, Kobiton also provides increased collaboration by centralizing logs and testing history.

Usability Hub

Usability Hub is ahead of its competitors in the market. It’s a free tool that allows app developers to submit samples of their developments to a larger user testing community. This allows other app developers to test and evaluate your application. To list, usability Hub always enables the user to choose from 5 different sections:

  • Five-Second Test: This lets developers evaluate the design and flow of the application by asking what users recall viewing an image for 5 seconds.
  • Click Test: This lets developers test the effectiveness of the application to accomplish a task.
  • Preference Test: This test helps developers choose between different designs by having users choose which they like best.
  • Question Test: Let the user collect feedback from the community for wireframes.
  • Navflow Test: Allows developers to see how effectively users navigate around your application.

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