What’s an NFT? Grata CEO shares thoughts in Orlando Sentinel

What's an NFT? Grata CEO Rey Ortega shares expertise

What’s an NFT? That’s one of the big questions in technology today.

But if you looked in the Orlando Sentinel recently, you’ll see a familiar face, Grata CEO Rey Ortega, educating the community on their importance.

Yep, there he was, helping Sentinel reporter Patrick Connolly inform his audience about NFTs.

The article, “What are NFTs and what do they mean for the world of art?”, took a deep dive into how the tech helps artists.

We all know that NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, represent the biggest buzzword in technology alongside “metaverse” and “blockchain.”

So it is always a good thing to be seen by media as an expert on emerging technology.

Rey, of course, understands the technology as much or more than most, having run a successful tech company for nearly a decade.

One thing he understands – and that he made clear in THIS BLOG POST – is that the art world will be the catalyst for both implementation of NFTs and understanding of them.

So what is an NFT?

As he explained to Connolly, “With original artwork, you have to have a physical document that says this is authentic. But it can be hard to verify it’s the right document for that specific artwork. With an NFT, you’re basically creating a certificate of authenticity that cannot be copied or distributed.”

The article went on to explain that artists have been the most successful kinds of people so far minting NFTs and selling them for real currency.

However, don’t be surprised when other sectors start to discover how they can take advantage of this new technology.

Something I like to say is that technology is not viable until it is.

That is, if you don’t think an NFT or understanding of entities like the Metaverse is important, you will when your competition does. Stay ahead of the game and embrace the future of technology. Contact us today to learn more and explore how we can help you navigate the evolving digital landscape.

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