Yellowstone Landscaping: Employee Timesheet and Payroll Automation

A case study


Human Resources Information System

Technology Leveraged:

Yellowstone Landscape is one of the leading commercial landscaping companies in the country, with operations currently in six states – Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and New Mexico. Our clients’ properties have earned dozens of National Landscape Awards of Excellence, gaining recognition as some of the country’s most outstanding commercial landscaping projects.

The Problem:

Yellowstone Landscaping approached Grata Software to prototype and create a payroll software solution to automate a very time-consuming process, creating employee timesheets. The managers were tasked with a manual process of developing timesheets using data aggregated through a third-party GPS solution fitted on each vehicle in their fleet. It took every manager roughly 2.5 hours a day to create time sheets leading to over $450,000 in annual costs for the managers to create these daily timesheets.

The Solution:

Grata Software developed a proprietary application on top of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Solutions that allowed for automated timesheets to be created and printed with minimal interaction from managers. We integrated multiple APIs for GPS data aggregation including integration into their ERP systems to sync HR information and lastly integrated with HPs wireless printing solutions to automate print jobs across branch locations.

Our Favorite Feature:

Our proudest feature in the application was integrating with HPs wireless printing solution in a way HP hadn’t experienced before. Using a combination of Amazon Web Service’s Simple Notification Services and the third-party GPS tracking system, we trigger print jobs at branch locations when a vehicle crosses the threshold of their pre-defined geofences. To put it simply, a vehicle enters their base branch location, and the timesheets associated with the vehicle and crew prints out on the manager’s desk using a wireless HP printer.


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